Tuition and Fees Schedule for 2017-2018 Academic Year 

For new students:
 Application Fee $50.00 (due with Application)
 Registration Fee

$500.00 (non-refundable & due at time of registration)

For returning students:
Registration Fee $500.00 (due at time of registration, non-refundable)


The annual tuition is $14,900.00.  Tuition Assistance is available for families who qualify.

Payment Options Due Dates
Annual Payment Plan August 1, 2017
Semi-Annual Payment Plan August 1, 2017  (First Payment)
January 1, 2018 (Second Payment)
Monthly Installment Payment Plan August 1,  2017- July 1, 2018
(Due every 1st of the month)


Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Tuition paid after the 5th of the month will incur a 5% late fee. Tuition paid on the 10th or later will incur a 10% late fee. If two consecutive monthly payments are past due, the family must receive a waiver from the Board of Directors or the loss of enrollment may occur.

Students accepted after the first day of school will receive a prorated tuition amount based on the number of academic days remaining in the school year. For example, students starting at the end of October will pay about 75% of the annual tuition, students starting in January will pay about 50% of the annual tuition, and students starting at the beginning of April will pay about 25% of the annual tuition for the remainder of the school year.