Our mission is to provide students with special needs a unique learning environment so they will reach their maximum individual potential.

Philosophy Statement

The philosophy behind The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland is to develop and maintain an atmosphere of learning that enables children and young adults to excel. Through the process of developing and implementing unique curriculum for each student, he or she can succeed well beyond expectations.

The Academy strives for a general student-teacher ratio for a third of the students to be 2:1, a third to be 4:1 and a third to be 6:1. Because each student is part of an environment that is consistent, while also at times changing based on individual needs, each person can realize a personal-best level of accomplishment.

In addition to providing a strong academic background, The Academy will help prepare its students for life and meaningful employment in the world beyond the school system. Students at The Academy will gain required skills to bolster self esteem, while also insuring that his or her unique abilities are developed and encouraged through the development of:

• Skills for life
• Academic skills
• Communication skills
• Social skills
• Work readiness skills
• Vocational skills

The Academy is unique in that it offers an integrated curriculum in a non-traditional setting. Located adjacent to Morgan’s Wonderland, the school will benefit from programming and facilities not available anywhere else. We recognize that improving the lives of individuals with special needs by equipping them with essential skills will allow them to become more productive and passionate contributors to society.