The Academy at Morgan's Wonderland: A Special Needs School Dedicated to Helping Students Develop Skills in San Antonio, TX

In the spring of 2011, a dedicated group of families and friends met to share their dreams for their children with special needs in San Antonio, TX. This group had one important thing in common: to create an educational environment that would enable each student with special needs to reach his or her potential, to develop skills for life that would enable them to achieve life-long employment and to contribute their gifts and talents as active participants in society.

Every Child Has the Ability to Soar

This founding group believed that having a child with a disability does not mean lowering expectations; rather it means looking at possibilities that others cannot see, and being committed every step of the way to helping each child along his or her journey, incorporating life skills.

The Academy at Morgan's Wonderland Works with All Students, Creating Lifelong Relationships

Knowing this journey would look different for every student, The Academy at Morgan's Wonderland pursued an educational focus set on developing relationships with students, maintaining low student/teacher ratios and believing that every child has the ability to soar. The goal of this group: To create a school in which every student can reach his or her maximum individual potential, through our staff of educated and experienced instructors. The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland is the realization of this goal.